May 2018

Adrift Without a Moral Compass

Title: Adrift Without a Moral CompassSeries: The Judges GenerationPreacher: Franz FriesenDate: May 6, 2018

April 2018

If Christ Is Not Risen

Title: If Christ Is Not RisenPreacher: Franz FriesenDate: April 1, 2018  

March 2018

Holiness: Code of Conduct

Title: Holiness: Code of ConductPreacher: Franz FriesenDate: March 18, 2018

Made Holy to Live Holy

Title: Made Holy to Live HolyPreacher: Franz FriesenDate: March 11, 2018  

January 2018

The Goodness of Jesus

Title: The Goodness of JesusPreacher: Franz FriesenDate: January 21, 2018

Spirit-Filled Jesus

Title: Spirit-Filled JesusPreacher: Franz FriesenDate: Jan. 7, 2018